The Cast



Law (Vivienne) is a Chinese American actress born and raised in Los Angeles (with Hong Kong roots!). After graduating from UC Berkeley she worked as a finance software custom engineer in San Francisco before trading the computer screen for the big screen. She studies at the Upright Citizens Brigade and is active with three improv troupes performing throughout LA. She has run the gamut of exciting featured bits; she has been in the comedic web series Open Houses as an (Asian parent-approved) affianced brain surgeon, a continuous shot Superbowl commercial, a Lunar New Year sweet cool mom Walmart commercial, a City Champ LoL team player for a Super League/Riot Games promo, and voiced a sultry pixelated Snow Leopard for a shiba inu video game. She is an avid League of Legends gamer, lover of science fiction novels and films, and dreams of one day playing a scientist FBI agent astronaut. Follow her on Twitch and IG @phoenixjayne!


 Dawn Anderson (Noodle) is a SAG/AFTRA actress and creative based in Los Angeles. She has appeared in FOX’s ‘Prison Break’, as a series regular in Sweden’s top International Emmy-nominated reality show ‘Allt För Sverige’, various commercials, short films, web series and live performances. Dawn has also written a personal audience-interactive stage piece and performed it along with an ensemble in the Fitzmaurice Voicework International Conference in Vancouver. Head first into whimsy and wit, she is a little cinnamon bun-sweet and twisted. Dawn has started to create a niche for herself in comedy, and loves to take on character. On the drama front, she has received kudos for her realistic portrayal as ‘Waiverly’ an autistic youth, in ‘Guttersnipes’ and likes to portray the unexpected. She is currently writing screenplays as well as a YA novel. Pet-wise, she has had a fish, a bird, a dog, and a cat.  A floppy eared bunny is next on her list.


tadTadamori Yagi (Paul) has acted professionally on several network TV shows including TNT’s Southland and NBC’s Parenthood. His latest television appearance was on the MTV comedy series Loosely Exactly Nicole. When he’s not acting Tad enjoys playing guitar, urban cycling, and watching British television and comedy shows. Tadamori is of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean descent and is a native of Berkeley, California. Website: ; Twitter: @tadamoriyagi.

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Butter Cat (Noodle) is a new talent on the Hollywood scene, with more practice as co-star of America’s Cutest and Laziest Cat Home Videos–a very small network of three human sisters who share vids of Butter and her cat sister, Sugar. Butter delights in escaping through open doors, listening for yells of “TREAT”, snorting and breathing heavily when lying down, and drooling when being petted. She is equal handfuls adorable and a brat. She is eager to become an A-list stunt cat with specialties in grunt-meowing, flopping on cue, and lazing on anything soft and fluffy.